Metallochimica, in collaboration with primary specialized firms can offer in a complete way , as a global service, a series of services as much as possible proper to the technical-organizational requirements of the customer.


  • Chemical cleaning for every kind of deposits on every kind of metals.
  • Mechanics cleaning with hydrodynamic apparatus at very high pressure.
  • Pickling of plants or partly of them also built with esteemed metals (inox, aluminium, etc.).
  • Chemical fluxes of heating or cooling plants in a closed cycle.
  • Pickling and fluxing of oil-dynamic plants with check analysis of fluid contamination.
  • Checking and regeneration of oils for oil-dynamic plants (elimination of the emulsified water and decontamination).


  • Study and analysis of problems.
  • Advices and installation planning of pretreatment (potabilisation, filters, demineralizers, decarbonaters, inverse osmosis, etc.).
  • Plants assembly and installation.
  • Dosing systems and parameter checking.
  • Technical assistance.